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ripee 01014cd2a5
Merge pull request #2 from LineageOS/lineage-16.0
msm8976-common: proprietary-files: Update default source note
3 years ago
syphyr 2d9dd6b391 msm8976-common: proprietary-files: Update default source note
Sources from T813XXS2BSJ3_T813XAC2BSA2_XAC

Change-Id: I07d28010ed55e5f55922093b348f1d9cec357cd9
3 years ago
aviraxp 2efb3d7e2e msm8976-common: Kang libperipheral_client.so from crackling MM
* Somehow (likely due to some bionic changes), nougat blob never
  works on Q and causes NPDs in various processes. This lib
  somehow fixes it.
3 years ago
LuK1337 b23351f18a msm8976-common: Update wcnss_filter blob
Change-Id: If230d61d60941a0cb049e42d50aeaf90bcea29dd
5 years ago
Paul Keith 3668a9c288 msm8976-common: Hex-edit libmmcamera2_isp_modules for P's mutex restrictions
* Google has been tightening up mutexes by disallowing calling
  pthread_mutex_destroy on an already destroyed mutex in P
* This normally isn't an issue, but Qualcomm, in their infinite
  wisdom, decided to destroy a mutex in a loop in isp_module_stop_session
  when they were freeing some related memory allocations
* This results in a SIGABRT in mm-qcamera-daemon from a
  __fortify_fatal call in HandleUsingDestroyedMutex in libc
* To work around this, the CBNZ instruction (aka, the break condition)
  in the loop was moved before the call to phtread_mutex_destroy so
  that the during the 2nd (and final) iteration of the loop, it exits
  *before* rather than *after* the calls to pthread_mutex_destroy
* ASM instructions:
 - Before: https://gist.github.com/javelinanddart/9afdc8577134bf8ecd48b15213d66491
 - After: https://gist.github.com/javelinanddart/789ba3bde8494ff4ba0b7967c93daa14

Change-Id: I36dfab9f3afb8c9e010da8c6b02c2d9eff856c07
5 years ago
LuK1337 7cc79d324b msm8976-common: Remove libmmcamera_cac3_lib.so
* Our new OpenCL doesn't really like it.
6 years ago
LuK1337 61c854e076 msm8976-common: Update graphics stack to O
* OpenCL kept on 7.0 due to crashing camera daemon.
* From kugo-user 8.0.0 OPR1.170623.026
6 years ago
LuK1337 71cc7f7a90 msm8976-common: Kill qseeproxydaemon 6 years ago
LuK1337 c6b26d88d7 msm8976-common: Build libsecnativefeature from source 6 years ago
LuK1337 9aff6633e8 msm8976-common: Add aptX blobs
* We can't use Samsung blobs cause they are 32-bit only.
6 years ago
LuK1337 2807542d4b msm8976-common: /system/bin -> /system/vendor/bin 6 years ago
LuK1337 b58c717272 msm8976-common: Update widevine blobs from angler 6 years ago
LuK1337 21b3f183be msm8976-common: Move sensors HAL out of common tree
* gts210vewifi isn't exactly compatible with gts28vewifi.

Change-Id: Id8bf8e0b3bb22c4ff36bcd910446dcf55a15d863
6 years ago
LuK1337 b2f7745ad4 msm8976-common: Update blobs from T813XXU2BQD1
Change-Id: I3e3938773fddd721129a85552caec00f3ab8b17c
7 years ago
LuK1337 7fa07d07b1 msm8976-common: Fix a typo in proprietary-files.txt
Change-Id: Iff187099d5015f47bce638587c835592c98448c4
7 years ago
Jesse Chan 1f9474ebc5 msm8976-common: Compile fingerprint components
Change-Id: Ic62e32cb3610e18070692d5ff6f5667858b50aa5
7 years ago
LuK1337 412a9081ea msm8976-common: Remove fingerprint wrapper HAL
Change-Id: I5d3f4604d9e50b09bb18c65af0c3f8f0ee387a6a
7 years ago
Christopher R. Palmer 070b2ac16f msm8976-common: Add a dummy fingerprint wrapper HAL
All this does is delegate all the requests to the real HAL.

Change-Id: Ie45ae24448fb989c45bba10f12128d20b71e1d34
7 years ago
Luca Stefani ffe2d49318 msm8976-common: Add and build camera wrapper
Change-Id: I8fe4654da53306e981dc6a2884194f6f4d38c144
7 years ago
Luca Stefani e601781cca msm8976-common: Cleanup bt
* We don't need hci_qcomm_init and init.qcom.bt.sh
* Remove hci_filter_root
* Update sysfs permissions from bullhead

Change-Id: Id0b80f188cc3dd6d3595f5216bb3b927179afced
7 years ago
Luca Stefani 039887cb7c msm8976-common: Remove btnvtool
* We don't read bt address from NV

Change-Id: I4f2eeeed70ae830937c4d4c86fe5665dac0f8c99
7 years ago
Luca Stefani af675f8719 msm8976-common: Remove QMI data configs
* dsi_config belongs to libdsi_netctrl.so
  -> We don't ship libdsi_netctrl.so
* qmi_config.xml belongs to qmuxd
  -> We don't ship qmuxd
* netmgr_config.xml belongs to netmgrd
  -> We don't ship netmgrd

Change-Id: Ia275aaff8f5f0d9f4bbeec6605e3d781a37b8e23
7 years ago
Luca Stefani 32d36b8d3b msm8976-common: Remove unused wifi firmware blobs 7 years ago
LuK1337 1a1aee683d msm8976-common: Switch to TimeKeep 7 years ago
TheStrix 39fa1ba3d3 msm8976-common: Update blobs
* Use GPS and Graphics blobs from Mi Max nougat MIUI

Change-Id: I265f1e9748d0319ad1f67fb8ad4ce97f376290c9
7 years ago
LuK1337 6fa41acfa3 msm8976-common: Add wcnss_filter
* Needed for bluetooth.
7 years ago
LuK1337 66696f7c90 msm8976-common: Remove hvdcp_opti 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 73e5becf6d msm8976-common: Remove unneeded radio blobs 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 7159268141 msm8976-common: Kang GPS & Adreno from kenzo 7 years ago
LuK1337 a7e4e6ccba msm8976-common: s/etf/etc/g 7 years ago
LuK1337 12254968f8 msm8976-common: Add widevine blobs from bullhead 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 515e5cd536 msm8976-common: Add bt firmware 7 years ago
LuK1337 c514335ba1 msm8976-common: Add lib/libalawb_algo.so 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 9de4212cad msm8976-common: Add FP blobs 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 5b047f56a1 msm8976-common: Add WiFi firmware 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 13da0f47e7 msm8976-common: Add OIS firmware 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 04bed6e58e msm8976-common: Add sec blobs 7 years ago
LuK1337 03e1020139 msm8976-common: Add missing camera blob 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 621ed446fc msm8957-common: Build wcnss-service 7 years ago
LuK1337 8faae94604 msm8976-common: Remove libmorpho_* 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 7fff4fccda msm8976-common: Update sensors blobs
* Remove unneeded 32bit blobs
* Add yas_set config
7 years ago
Luca Stefani 4174f41adf msm8976-common: Cleanup camera blobs list
* TODO: Add lc898122 if needed
7 years ago
LuK1337 d5a6745802 msm8976-common: Add initial proprietary-files.txt
  Fix camera & sensors blobs
  Get rid of unused chromatix files
7 years ago