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Srinivas Girigowda d262e94dcc msm8976-common: Modify DTIM config ini values
Modify gMaxLIModulatedDTIM and gEnableModulatedDTIM.

Bug: 28106261
Change-Id: Id3ae5d57a52cfc72e19f16cdca044131ffd57ef8
Signed-off-by: Srinivas Girigowda <>
4 years ago
WCNSS_cfg.dat msm8976-common: Add proper wlan firmware configs / blobs 6 years ago
WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini msm8976-common: Modify DTIM config ini values 4 years ago
p2p_supplicant_overlay.conf msm8976-common: wifi: Configure the p2p_search_delay to 100 msec 5 years ago
wpa_supplicant_overlay.conf msm8976-common: wifi: set tdls_external_control to configure external control mode. 5 years ago