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Dhananjay Kumar 99cbcd8d53 gts28velte: audio: update policy configuration to fix vts failure
Update default audio_policy_configuration.xml to remove configurations
that are not compatible with aosp system image and are causing vts failures.
4 years ago
Sujin Panicker 959f8ab293 gts28velte: configs: Add BT SCO to routes list
- Issue with returning a valid device descriptor
  since BT SCO is not defined in IOProfile.
- With Android-Q changes, first attempt to retrieve device
  descriptor from the avaiable HwModule may fail due to
  address and encoded format conditions.
- Further device descriptor query is based on IOProfile
  with devices defined in audio_policy_configuration.
- This change adds BT SCO to IOProfile.
4 years ago
ripee dfd44d7791 gts28velte: remove eng tags from local module 4 years ago
ripee 1c3be89231 gts28velte: Switch from add_lunch_combo to COMMON_LUNCH_CHOICES 4 years ago
LuK1337 c9a6913067 gts28velte: Remove local board-info.txt
* Moved to msm8976-common

Change-Id: I3e8467d845b6776b683fe57665be60e82bf4575e
5 years ago
Bruno Martins 56a1ac6400 gts28velte: Consider lineage_gts28velte product via the AOSP way
Change-Id: Ibdeb62f0aa30933a09ac12ca825025e5f18574ab
6 years ago
syphyr 5d566afb0c gts28velte: Add
Add configuration file for Samsung's extra power feature

Change-Id: Ibf2859e5597cf9fd2118f4fe7bc2919827dc48ff
6 years ago
LuK1337 cef5b53358 gts28velte: Update bootloader assert
Change-Id: If67ad654efdb819ec078471535f89a4d37960db7
6 years ago
LuK1337 39b854c00e gts28velte: Update build fingerprint
Change-Id: I820ab834b238d68dd87fb6759fad2ece9c16aceb
6 years ago
LuK1337 7cb0e6c324 gts28velte: Update bootloader assert
Change-Id: I34b6aae7678dcba1bec13a8dec20823801065abc
6 years ago
Bruno Martins c88a0c0887 gts28velte: Set matching build fingerprint for system, vendor and boot images
Change-Id: I555c15eddc6dff694285ab1b23f6f9adfd64e535
6 years ago
LuK1337 acb9dbd7f4 gts28velte: Update bootloader assert
Change-Id: I62142e149103c9cae22d58b1ba5e3ca026a92e0c
6 years ago
LuK1337 9912fe579b gts28velte: Update bluetooth properties from MSM target 6 years ago
LuK1337 3d97f24ad2 gts28velte: Move to /vendor
Change-Id: I41cd9901d4301fb01b5166d778ed73f5c6a477de
6 years ago
LuK1337 fdcbaa4d50 gts28velte: Use TARGET_COPY_OUT_VENDOR instead of hardcoded system/vendor 6 years ago
LuK1337 57e3ba1ada gts28velte: Add device specific HIDL manifest.xml 6 years ago
LuK1337 c5c6186468 gts28velte: overlay: Update power_profile from T719XXU2BQI1 6 years ago
LuK1337 3987ba2d1f gts28velte: Add T719Y support 6 years ago
Bruno Martins 1da816d813 gts28velte: Move device-specific feature configs to vendor 6 years ago
LuK1337 c33f9b5100 gts28velte: Move audio configuration files to /vendor 6 years ago
Daniel Reimer b3d1a642ee gts28velte: Initial RIL support 6 years ago
Daniel Reimer 64a861e0a0 gts28velte: Update blobs list for sensors 6 years ago
Daniel Reimer 037ee8f245 gts28velte: audio: Add device specific audio_policy_configuration.xml 6 years ago
Daniel Reimer a8f994d9d0 gts28velte: overlay: Add device specific network and radio attributes 6 years ago
Luca Stefani c943e88162 gts28velte: Build Vibrator HAL 6 years ago
Daniel Reimer ba28e41eb5 s/gts28vewifi/gts28velte/g 6 years ago
Luca Stefani ca5b3a55d6 gts28vewifi: Update common_full_tablet_wifionly path 6 years ago
caseykelso 0c56545009 gts28vewifi: Add T713XXU2BQI1 to bootloader assert

Change-Id: Iaf5f3bbd72636caecab0e35bc050cdb0cd49d4df
6 years ago
LuK1337 b3f61e9283 gts28vewifi: Update bootloader assert
* Support newer Peru bootloader.
7 years ago
LuK1337 c8d682ba36 gts28vewifi: Allow installation on T713XXU2BQD3 and update fingerprint
Change-Id: Ib3a759c584d59e1870413e2576941e2b73e24aba
7 years ago
LuK1337 b977c50119 gts28vewifi: Add sensors HAL blobs list
Change-Id: I6375b41b04e31cab64b0b8ebc4b1501468d9b34f
7 years ago
LuK1337 22a03a7e30 gts28vewifi: Update mixer paths from T713ZSU2AQA1
Change-Id: I6c94b8e1dc647b56e8a0e90f53ff8558747ae631
7 years ago
LuK1337 092bb9561a gts28vewifi: Update fingerprint and bootloader version assert
Change-Id: I681a2e2b9c27c21f665832dead4f1f253668db27
7 years ago
LuK1337 036c80c170 gts28vewifi: Add bootloader version assert
Change-Id: Id64cb0528b0de75df6473ad9711b5274b05f46bb
7 years ago
LuK1337 762a8ad72f gts28vewifi: Update fingerprint
Change-Id: I180092256870b6ca22ddbfabb4ce6c5e0a3bb5cb
7 years ago
LuK1337 fa3e464f60 gts28vewifi: Update mixer paths from T713ZSU2AQA1
Change-Id: Ia99314b1cf995c830fccfb8dbd965936b3b2075f
7 years ago
LuK1337 6e5ab4ac08 gts28vewifi: Add proper power profile overlay
Change-Id: Ib3d4df5299d80e63db70499e219af1bb0e3f788e
7 years ago
LuK1337 d66c0d8839 gts28vewifi: Use proper mixer paths
* We have been using `mixer_paths_01.xml` which
  would end up with non-working microphone.

Change-Id: I95da5f7272a5482818f6ba08d83d09211bf22b8d
7 years ago
LuK1337 03bffae407 gts28vewifi: Add device specific mixer paths
Change-Id: I8de26ca41ae716e3e112a2a53241e7e1345b866a
7 years ago
LuK1337 b34e1a4cc8 gts28vewifi: Set proper PRODUCT_MODEL 7 years ago
LuK1337 c92156687f s/gts210vewifi/gts28vewifi/g 7 years ago
Luca Stefani c00b03527f gts210vewifi: We aren't voice/sms capable
Change-Id: I6b1c7b96dc4a73e0895007a53ea0c649151858ea
7 years ago
Luca Stefani c85df0a5ff gts210vewifi: Add BT props for apq targets
Change-Id: I2f3d14ec96a1c182a57b1f4784dc8fe522d7a3b8
7 years ago
Olivier Karasangabo 82ba946932
gts21vewifi: Inherit appropriate base config
* This is a WiFi-only tab; inheriting telephony base isn't necessary.
7 years ago
LuK1337 603146a1ab gts210vewifi: s/2 GB RAM/3 GB RAM/ 7 years ago
LuK1337 f6de5e08a1 gts210vewifi: Set PRODUCT_MODEL to SM-T813 7 years ago
LuK1337 bc854d8a13 gts210vewifi: Set 7 years ago
LuK1337 60ef082150 gts210vewifi: Set build fingerprint 7 years ago
LuK1337 329db9f55a gts210vewifi: Move AAPT, boot animation configuration to msm8976-common 7 years ago
Luca Stefani 39ebb78369 gts210vewifi: Include tablet_wifionly configuration 7 years ago