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Shilin Victor 2ebf93df9d exynos: libEGL_mali: don't force BGRA8888 format when it's unneeded
Change-Id: I9cc318b7bb00c2efaf386bb2e75e99c275aaca7e
5 years ago
AdvancedDisplay AdvancedDisplay: fix build 5 years ago
audio audio: improve log message to support for devices that dont have an amp 5 years ago
consumerir consumerir: Move device dependent modules to /vendor 6 years ago
dtbhtool dtbhtool: Print better warnings for PLATFORM/SUBTYPE mismatch 6 years ago
exynos/multimedia exynos4: Set native color format for the Native window 5 years ago
exynos3/s5pc110 samsung: Compilation fixes 8 years ago
exynos4 exynos: libEGL_mali: don't force BGRA8888 format when it's unneeded 5 years ago
fingerprint fingerprint: send cancel-message to system 6 years ago
liblights Resolve compiler errors 5 years ago
lineagehw/org/lineageos/hardware Revert "hidl: livedisplay: Add binderized service implementation" 5 years ago
macloader macloader: Correct classification of f0:25:b7 5 years ago
modemloader modemloader: Add support for recent devices 7 years ago
power power: Allow POWER_HINT_DISABLE_TOUCH in low power mode 6 years ago
ril ril: revert changes 5 years ago
wifiloader wifiloader: Make sure WiFi firmware path is writable 6 years ago
Android.bp exynos4: for Exynos4 5 years ago Revert "AdvancedDisplay: Remove temporary for Pie bringup" 5 years ago exynos4x12: use common samsung liblights 7 years ago NFC refactoring 11 years ago
lineage.dependencies AdvancedDisplay: Re-integrate into Settings 6 years ago mkbootimg: Include system/tools/dtbtool 6 years ago Move macloader to hardware/samsung 11 years ago